365 Days of Love


Dear Logan,

It was one year ago that you became my world. Anything and everything I thought I knew about myself was wrong. I always knew something was missing I just didn’t know it was you.

As I take a walk down memory lane I keep thinking to myself, wow I should have taken stock in Kleenex because I can not stop crying. Do not worry sweet boy they are not sad tears, in fact the are the happiest tears that I’ve ever cried. You came into your dad and I’s life at the right time. We were ready for you, we knew you were meant to be with us but we didn’t know how much you would change the thing we called life.

As we have taught you how to crawl, sit up, eat real food, say mama, and of course dada, you have taught us so much more. I’ve learned how to relax and not take myself so seriously because even at my worst you still love me. You’ve taught me to be patient and what my priorities truly are…you!

The last 365 days have been filled with so many happy moments. I remember bringing you home after a 11 day stay at the NICU and laying you on the couch, I thought to myself…what do I do now. You were so small and you needed me for everything. Some days it was hard, mama was struggling with post pardum and you were struggling with acid reflux in the beginning BUT just like everything we both fought and figured it out together.

When you were just three weeks old you and I ventured out into the real world. It took me 5 minutes and 2 phone calls to get your car seat unlocked (were much better now ;-) ). We met your new friends and you slept the whole time. Your first trip was to Grandma and grandpa’s during Easter. You loved to be outside and you got to meet Champ the horse, there was also a large easter basket filled with New York Yankee clothes. You started Daycare and made everyone fall in love with you, no really you did…everyone. We celebrated Mothers Day – You made me my first card, it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever gotten. And during memorial weekend we all went to California. You rode like a champ. There were so many new things you experienced including sleeping in a hotel room, taking an elevator, eating in a restaurant and looking at the Pacific Ocean. June, July and August were very hot – you go to wear comfy basketball shorts everywhere. Dad went to Comic Con in July which meant FOUR days just you an I. You were so chatty, especially through the Heat playoff game – you kept saying uh-oh uh-oh. September was the month you experienced your first vacation away from mom and dad…I cried giving you to Grandma and Grandpa. You did great and eventually so did Dad and I.

Through the holidays you REALLY experienced everything. In October we went to a Halloween Party, we celebrated mine and your dad’s birthday, you ate new foods and found out mom is obsessed with the house smelling like pumpkin spice. November was filled with lots of friends and family. You spent time with your Aunt Claudia (you love her and she loves you), we went Christmas shopping, you ate some Turkey and played with Sky and Memphis. December was meant for families – we took advantage. We saw Christmas Lights, ate cookies (don’t tell dad), watched too much Hallmark channel, wrapped presents (you were quite the helper), trimmed the tree, took Christmas card pictures and Santa came.

Once the calendar turned to 2014 I knew I would never have my little baby again, but what I do have it pretty amazing. Everything you have accomplished, every mumble, game, shriek and mama that comes out of you makes me so proud. You have both of our hearts. Even though dad won’t admit it… you kind of have him (and your grandparents) around your little finger.

My heart breaks when I am not around you. You have made so many leaps and bounds in your first year. I am looking forward to the next million, because kid… Your not getting rid of me ;-)

Love you,


Without further ado – A MASSIVE photo overload.

Collage 2Collage 1 Collage 3 600283_10200143341680945_1086488344_n 1184784_10201041730340100_894133538_n Collage 4 1493264_10201866347315009_998561695_n 1422337_10201534346775203_1538419792_n 1383595_10201364891858936_1807141704_n 1546241_10201871137274755_707211353_n   DSC_0253 photo-2



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