My Honest Review

Honest Review


Logan has always been a Pampers baby. However, I am a sucker for anything superhero for him which means I purchased a pack of Comic Book Honest Company diapers. They arrived quicker than I had anticipated and my husband was thrilled.

Packaging: A – It wasn’t frilly and doesn’t need to be so it’s nice to know they are saving costs this way.
Arrival Time: A+ – They exceeded my expectation and estimate.
Look: A+ – I love it, super cute and much more fun than regular diapers.
Softness: B – The outside felt great, but inside where it matters it felt like a  maxi pad from the 80’s.
Absorbency: A – I’ve only got number one’s to go off of here but it was good. There wasn’t any leaks

Overall Grade: B+ – I’m only here because the inside wasn’t soft like Pampers. If they fixed that I would be all in.

p.s. Honest Company doesn’t know I am reviewing, they never asked…

Have you used Honest Diapers?

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One thought on “My Honest Review

  1. I don’t have any kids, so I haven’t used their diapers, but I’ve used a lot of their other products. I like their toothpaste and their liquid laundry detergent quite a bit. I think my favorite though is their dishwasher pods. They work amazingly well! Definitely worth checking out.

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