Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football 2 Fantasy Football

Are you ready for some fooootttbballll. This is my favorite time of the year. Football starts, Halloween kicks off the holiday season and that can only mean one thing in my world, Fantasy Football.

Every year people try to get in and every year we turn them away. Not because we are rude, but because the same group has played together for the last six years, give or take one or two people.

The best advice I can give a girl who doesn’t know a lot about football but wants to… Start a fantasy team and do a couple of parlay bets each week.

The number one draft pick in our league was Lesean McCoy followed by Peyton Manning. It may not be conventional but it sure makes the season even better.

My Team this year:

QB – Colin Kapernick
RB – Giovanni Bernard
Shane Vereen
WR – Calvin Johnson
Victor Cruz
Flex – T.Y. Hilton
TE – Greg Olsen
DP – JJ Watt
D – Giants
Coach – Patriots
Kicker – Mason Crosby

To all of my fellow fantasy players – Good luck this season.

Dr. Pepper Cupcakes

Dr Pepper Dr Pepper 2


Let’s talk about caffeine infused chocolate cupcakes. A family friend of ours had a birthday, and I wanted to do something special and unique to her so of course, I went to Pinterest. I found a recipe for Dr. Pepper cupcakes, and it went horribly wrong, everything was dry, so so dry. What did I do you ask, well I improvised and came up with a desert friendly version.

1 Box of Moist Cake Mix – I used chocolate, but I’m sure you could use Vanilla
3 Eggs
1 1/2 cups of Dr. Pepper

Mix, Pour and Cook 13 minutes at 375 degrees.

For the Frosting

I like cherry Dr. Pepper, so I made my frosting cherry flavored, but it worked both ways :)

1/4 Cup of Butter
4 Cups of Powdered Sugar
3 Tbsp of Dr. Pepper
1 Tsp of Vanilla
2 Tsp of Maraschino cherry juice
Mix Well.

When the cupcakes came out, I poked holes with a toothpick and drizzled the frosting so it would seep in. Then when it was a little cooler, but still warm I put another dollop of frosting and rolled it around. I also carved a tiny hole in the top for the cherry!

Let me know if you try these, they are divine!!!

p.s. the holder are made from the can’s of Dr. Pepper. Carefully cut out the bottom of the can and fold the edges in. I also cut out the logo and taped it over the UPC code.

Finding Joy

Splash Pad 1 Splash Pad 2 Splash Pad 3 Splash Pad 4

a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
“tears of joy”

This morning I sat drinking a cup of hot chocolate and staring at the greasy handprints that covered my kitchen. Somehow, no matter how many times I wash them away they return and multiply. It made me smile and reflect on joy. The first nights of parenthood all you can do is drink red bull and pray that you will figure out this parenting thing. This is some the roughest times you can experience. I used to thing “this isn’t what I thought I signed up for” and I would often get frustrated. Then something clicks, it get’s easier, and joy starts to creep through the day four hair and the shirt you may or may not have worn twice.

Over the weekend, Wes and I took Logan to the splash park for the first time. Being the analytical kid he is it took him about five minutes before he would even let us put him down. Then he took off and started to play. We followed him from the splash pads to the swings, then to the slide and finally back to the splash pads. While he started experiencing something new I looked over at my husband who was gleaming with joy while he ran around in the water with Logan, just like best friends do. It hit me; this is what is it, this is what Joy is. It’s the time you can experience life with the ones you love. It made me think back to when Logan was a newborn, and it was hard; I hated it…but now that I look back, there was that same Joy, i just couldn’t see it. The look that he would give us after a bottle, the afternoon naps we would all pass out together because of exhaustion and the gleam in his eyes when he woke up.

So find joy.

Joy is deep in the heart.

Joy is free and it’s everywhere.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge




41.8 Million and counting… I took the Ice Bucket Challenge given to me by one of my former gymnasts and her mom. So I’m taking this opportunity to bounce it around the Blogsphere by challenging Veronika from Veronika’s Blushing, and Mara from M Loves M!! I’ve also nominated my friends Britney, Dr. Dhingra, and Skylar and Memphis…You have 24 hours.

I’ve donated, been doused with ice-cold water and feel pretty awesome to be a part of an amazing social campaign that’s actually doing some good.


and without fourth ado… in slow mo

You Blinked

eighteen months

My beautiful baby boy, is now eighteen months old, six months from his second birthday and only sixteen and a half years from going to college. Cruel, Cruel, world… you are moving too fast.

Logan is such a bright kid. I can’t believe the amount of knowledge this little person has in him. When you ask him to do something, somehow…he knows how to do it. Electronics are his favorites. He can turn on the x-box, the tv, the iPad, my phone… you name it, and he does it.

He is also the sweetest kid; he loves to make sure everyone has a toy, pats you on the back if your crying and somehow he just knows when he needs to be good.

Logan is obsessed with reading and watching basketball. I can tell you play by play the 2013, Game 7, Spurs and Heat championship game at this point.

Wes and I are madly in love with this little bug.

As promised here is his stats (remember… I only do this every 6 months)

How Old? 18 Months

Weight: We haven’t been to the doctor yet, but I think he MAY come in at 19 or 20?
Height: No doctor yet, so I’m not sure. I just know he is under 30 because he couldn’t ride the slides at Wet n Wild
Eating Habits: He still doesn’t like sweets (except a little ice cream). He is addicted to pancakes, chipotle, and peanut butter and jelly. Logan still eats like a cow, and we don’t know how he is still so small. All of his meals at school are double what the other kids eat.
Sleep: Amazing. Naps twice a day and sleeps from 7pm-6am every night. <– Same as his 12 months!
18 Month Highlights: You hear it here first… We have a walker!! After 18 long months he has decided to be free. I can’t even begin to explain the pride I have and the sickening worry I have when he walks. Logan also knows how to say Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad, Bob, Blue, Ball, Basketball (no joke), Lebron ( joke), What, Uh-Oh, Yum, Bye-Bye… He’s got more, bye-bye, and all done in sign language down. He also loves to give hugs, kisses and will blow everyone a kiss goodbye. Last but not least, he loves to eat with a fork.
Personality Traits: He’s an observer and won’t play until the situation has been assessed. Logan’s also a flirt and has a big big heart, he will share anything.
Friends: He loves to play with his friend Logan, Berklie, Bella, Mason, Amalea and Claire
Next Milestone Prediction: Saying I love you ;-)
Looking forward to: Nothing. I’m done with him growing :)

The Big Goodbye

cupcakes table

My least favorite word in the dictionary is goodbye. Sadly, it was used a lot this past weekend. One of our amazing friends and someone who has gone through pregnancy at the same time with me, we had our babies around the same time, both of our babies were NICU babies, and we celebrated lots of first’s together left on an airplane today, for good.

It’s hard to put into words how special Crystal, Mason and Luke were to us. They were the true friends you look for when you move. When you live in a transit area…It is difficult to find friends, let alone friends who have a small town, community feel to them. You knew no matter what was planned they would be there and make things fun.

Some of the mom’s from the mom group I created banded together to throw a “Where ever you go…” party. Crystal and Mason had no idea! It was a surprise, we wanted her to know how much she meant to our whole group and to each of us individually.

You will be missed… The class of 2031 keep dwindling :(

1 2 3

But memories will last forever!!


Swimming is for everyone!

Swimming Swimming Swimming

Wes and I love water…and now it seems that my little bug loves it too. We started him in swimming lessons just a little after his first birthday. They were expensive but worth it, the confidence he has near a pool of water is incredible.

While we were on vacation, I noticed a lot of kids who were afraid to get in the water, their ages varied from 2-6. A couple of parents were getting mad that their kids did not want to swim in the pool and kept telling them they were afraid. That boggled my mind, but it also made me realize that taking small, confident steps when they are younger can help prepare them (and this goes for things other than swimming).

Here are some of my tips for starting your baby out in the pool!

1. Find a pool that is heated. Babies like comfort and cold pools will not leave a good first impression.

2. Put them in a swim diaper (not the disposable but a true swim diaper), this will relieve your stress of them making a mess.

3. Sit on the step of the pool with your baby first. Let them soak in the sounds, colors and activities going on. Splash their feet and make it a game.

4. Once you’re in the pool, it’s okay if they hold on to you at first but try to hold them in front of you with your arm around their waist.

5. Sing, Sing, Sing.. If you make everything a song and fun, they are going to be more engaged and relate the pool to fun times.

6. After swimming, shower them and put sensitive lotion on them.

Also, once your baby is done swimming they are going to get hungry and tired extremely fast. I remember bringing Logan home, bathing him, giving him some milk and then his pacifier and he passed out in the bath towel instantly.

Do you swim with your babies?