Summer is Calling


I remember vividly where I was when I heard the jingle of an ice cream truck. It was the summer of 1998; I was sitting on my Aunts couch in California when my cousins busted through the door yelling “ice creaaaammm”. Where I grew up, we did not have ice cream trucks.  So I was excited to run outside with my cousins, clutching my dollar and hoping for something good.

When I moved to Las Vegas, ice cream trucks became a normal part of the summer. The choices rarely change; the trucks always look dingy, but I cannot help but get excited when I hear the jingle. Now, I get to share that with Logan…of course, he can not eat his sweet treat yet. It is nice to know that summer is coming, and Logan will get to experience ice cream trucks, playing in the sprinklers and heading to the theater on a hot summer day.

It’s the little things people, the little things.


My Secrets for Photographing One-Year-Olds

Photographer or not, everyone wants amazing pictures of their little ones as they grow up. The more they move, the harder it is to take pictures of them. So I’ve compiled some of my secrets to share with you. I hope they come in handy.

Secret # 1 – Don’t Stress about them looking at the camera All too often while I am on a photo shoot or photographing my son, I want him to look at the camera. I’ve found though, letting the little ones look around and become familiar with where they are makes them end up looking at you beaming from seeing new things.   Logan 1 Logan 2 Secret # 2 – Let them feel independent (safely though, of course) Every shoot needs a spotter, someone to catch them if they fall. Safety always comes first. With that being said, let them experience some freedom. Put them on a chair, let them hang out around the stairs or in this case let them hold on to the fence. You’ll get the “look at meeee” look that is priceless, they are so proud of themselves.   Logan 3 Logan 6 Secret #3 – Sing Bust out their favorite songs, and do NOT downplay theatrics. Logan loves when I sing “If you’re happy and you know it” as well as “The wheels on the bus”.. I ad-lib many things, but he knows the tune. When they are happy and do not notice the camera, you can get some fun, real shots. Logan 10 Secret #4 – Peek – A- Boo Peek-A-Boo at any age is funny (try it on an engagement shoot…your couple will look at you in an odd way and then bust up laughing), but one-year-olds LOVE it. Zoom in and capture that laugh when the “Boo” comes. Logan 12   Secret #5 – Not Everything has to be their Face This isn’t really a secret, more of a tip…capture the little things. They won’t be little forever. Logan 4

A Mom…

This morning I opened my news feed while eating breakfast and tears started to roll down my cheek. There is something about being a mom you can not explain to anyone other than a mom. This deep emotion for your child. You are connected to them 100%. So while I read the story of a mother who selflessly gave her life to bring her daughter into this world, I had a lump in the deepest part of my throat, tears welling up more and a sickness in the pit of my stomach because I know…I would have done the same thing. The story I am referring to is about a New York Woman who had cancer and was told she’d never get pregnant, and then her miracle came. One month into her pregnancy she had to make the hard decision…Have a PET Scan and terminate her pregnancy or carry her child knowing it could be the last thing she does. She was a mom…and she made the decision to carry her baby.

This little girl spent six weeks with her mom before her mom was called back to heaven. As unfair as this situation is, it also makes you realize how strong moms are. I bet there isn’t one of my mommy readers that wouldn’t have done the same thing for their child. I would have, and you bet your ass I would NEVER have let that child go.

My heart goes out to the family and all families who have to make the hard choices. I for one will be remembering that each day could be my last and to make it count.

A Mom…

Memories of another time still come
To me and fill my mind, with thoughts
Of you when you were young. I lie awake
‘Till the morning sun comes creeping
Through my window shade, as I dwell upon
Mistakes I’ve made. What I would give to
Go back in time and feel you’re little
Hand in mine. To cherish each fast and
Fleeting day. To hold you close and kiss
Away, each pain that life will have in
Store and try to give you so much more.
You are part and will always be, imbedded in the soul of me. While I’m
Here, I want to say, that I’ve loved you
Each and every day and when my time on earth is gone.
The privilege was mine to have been your Mom.


Editing out…


Top is before Patch Tool   |  Bottom is after Patch Tool

Have you ever noticed that an urban area looks pristine and pretty in a lot of photographers photos? Well, guess what… It isn’t always the case. In fact, most places I like to shoot have less than err clean areas. Enter the Patch Tool on Photoshop. I use it regularly, you circle the area you want to change, drag it to a cleaner spot that is similar to the coloring and look and BOOM clean and pretty.

Do you edit photos? Are you a fan of the Patch Tool?

Oh and this model – Yes…She is gorgeous!

The Nude Files

Nude Nails


Everyone has a nervous twitch; mine happens to be picking at my nails. How horrible is that? I spend the time to paint my nails only to chip away at them when I start to get nervous or stress out. I’m not a fake nail girl, so I had to come up with something. Enter finding the perfect nude polish for my pigment less skin.

I couldn’t be more excited for Zoya Nail Polish and the shade Chantal, it’s now my go to when I need to have pretty nude nails.

That is all; I know, I know, longest post ever.

Diaries of a Working Mom – 2nd Year Mom


Fact: Being a 1st year mom makes for lots of yoga pants, coffee chugging sessions and the realization you should have taken stock in the diaper company.

Fact: Being a 2nd year mom things start to smooth out.

Now, while I am still wearing yoga pants religiously (who wouldn’t!?!) I have taken down the caffeine overloads and…well I still should have bought stock in Pampers. But with all that said, this year has been easier. I know who Logan is (most days), and we’ve got a routine down. I’ve also learned that I am still Meghan not just mommy, and I have to treat myself like it. I’ve picked a couple of extra nights to workout and I am okay spending money on clothes for me because face it – Logan doesn’t need any more clothes; he has more than Wes, and I combined.

It was impossible for me to spend ANY time, money or effort on myself without feeling like I was neglecting my little boy last year. Do I think that is ok…yes, because it is something that needs to happen. I wouldn’t give up any part of giving Logan 100% of me, every day. However it is time to become Meghan, Logan’s mom instead of just mommy.

Wish me luck this year as I find more balance for time, money, mom time, wife time, me time etc…

How do you do it?

It’s Bath Time

Find it here: 1   |   2    |   3   |   4

I have had quite a few people asking me about Logan’s bath time. Well, we bathe him every night when he gets home from Daycare. It’s his stress relief and who wouldn’t want to get daycare germs off everything. This is a big part of his nighttime routine, and he knows if something isn’t on schedule.

I love using the blow up “travel” rubber ducky. It has bright colors and it looks comfortable, I wish I could use it. It also saves water because really…he doesn’t need a whole tub. It took awhile to find the right kind of soap. We used the Johnson and Johnson Gentle Shampoo and Cleaner but it caused him to have eczema when he was 3 months old.  We switched to Mustela and haven’t looked back. We start the night with a song, we play with his bath toys and read him a couple of bath books. We use a loofa for his body and a soft wash cloth for his face. He is a boy so we have to pay extra attention and scrub his fingers and toes. Once we are done he gets to relax for a little bit before taking him out (when mom gets the best cuddles because he is chilly, even with the towel ;-) ).

It is my favorite part of the day. It is all about re-connecting..


The Long Overdue….


Oh what fun he is one birthday party!!! His theme was naturally Wolverine (It is who we named him after). I was so grateful for all of our friends and family. The turnout was more than I expected. We had people coming from all over, local and out-of-town. I was able to use inspiration for Avenger birthday parties and mold it into a more Wolverinesk look. I had crafted EVERYTHING you see except the ONE on his high chair (that was his Grandma)! Let’s just say…I will be hanging up my DIYing for a while and hoping that Logan will choose more buyable birthday parties ;-). No, stop… I enjoyed preparing for this day, even the tears that happened because he is growing up so fast.

So without further Ado.. A Wolverine – Oh What Fun He is One Party!

DSC_0923-2 DSC_0954-2 DSC_0937-2 party6 party10 party11 party18 party23 party27 party26

My Honest Review

Honest Review


Logan has always been a Pampers baby. However, I am a sucker for anything superhero for him which means I purchased a pack of Comic Book Honest Company diapers. They arrived quicker than I had anticipated and my husband was thrilled.

Packaging: A – It wasn’t frilly and doesn’t need to be so it’s nice to know they are saving costs this way.
Arrival Time: A+ – They exceeded my expectation and estimate.
Look: A+ – I love it, super cute and much more fun than regular diapers.
Softness: B – The outside felt great, but inside where it matters it felt like a  maxi pad from the 80′s.
Absorbency: A – I’ve only got number one’s to go off of here but it was good. There wasn’t any leaks

Overall Grade: B+ – I’m only here because the inside wasn’t soft like Pampers. If they fixed that I would be all in.

p.s. Honest Company doesn’t know I am reviewing, they never asked…

Have you used Honest Diapers?