The Long Overdue….


Oh what fun he is one birthday party!!! His theme was naturally Wolverine (It is who we named him after). I was so grateful for all of our friends and family. The turnout was more than I expected. We had people coming from all over, local and out-of-town. I was able to use inspiration for Avenger birthday parties and mold it into a more Wolverinesk look. I had crafted EVERYTHING you see except the ONE on his high chair (that was his Grandma)! Let’s just say…I will be hanging up my DIYing for a while and hoping that Logan will choose more buyable birthday parties ;-). No, stop… I enjoyed preparing for this day, even the tears that happened because he is growing up so fast.

So without further Ado.. A Wolverine – Oh What Fun He is One Party!

DSC_0923-2 DSC_0954-2 DSC_0937-2 party6 party10 party11 party18 party23 party27 party26

My Honest Review

Honest Review


Logan has always been a Pampers baby. However, I am a sucker for anything superhero for him which means I purchased a pack of Comic Book Honest Company diapers. They arrived quicker than I had anticipated and my husband was thrilled.

Packaging: A – It wasn’t frilly and doesn’t need to be so it’s nice to know they are saving costs this way.
Arrival Time: A+ – They exceeded my expectation and estimate.
Look: A+ – I love it, super cute and much more fun than regular diapers.
Softness: B – The outside felt great, but inside where it matters it felt like a  maxi pad from the 80′s.
Absorbency: A – I’ve only got number one’s to go off of here but it was good. There wasn’t any leaks

Overall Grade: B+ – I’m only here because the inside wasn’t soft like Pampers. If they fixed that I would be all in.

p.s. Honest Company doesn’t know I am reviewing, they never asked…

Have you used Honest Diapers?

Happy Valentines Day from logan

This time last year Wes and I were getting the news that we could have a “sleep-in” with Logan at the NICU. We were thrilled, we could not wait to stay the night with our little man. Logan was just ten days old – so little – so cute and such a fighter.

Luckily, this year is different! We were able to take him to school armed with Valentines Cards (see above) and cupcakes to show his teachers some love. I also bought him the cutest “Chicks dig superhero’s” shirt as well as a batman shirt complete with a cape. This year is different. More snuggles, less wires!

Happy Valentines Day.

12 Month Stats


I only fill out these on his 6 month marks… So here it is…One Year

How Old? 1 Year Old

Weight: 16lbs 6 Ounces
Height: 26 Inches
Eating Habits: Anything and everything he can have except sweets. He spits out anything sweet from fruit to cupcakes. He loves Turkey, Chicken, Quesdillas, Rice, Peanut Butter Bread, Eggs, Yogurt, Broccoli and Green Beans to name a few.
Sleep: Amazing. Naps twice a day and sleeps from 7pm-7am every night.
12 Month Highlights: He has started walking with his walker more. He loves to say mama now which fills my heart. He’s also learning how to stack things.
Personality Traits: He’s an observer and a flirt.
Friends: He loves to play with his friend Logan, Berklie, Bella, Mason, Amalea and Claire
Next Milestone Prediction: Walking – Hopefully
 Looking forward to: The next 365 days! :)

365 Days of Love


Dear Logan,

It was one year ago that you became my world. Anything and everything I thought I knew about myself was wrong. I always knew something was missing I just didn’t know it was you.

As I take a walk down memory lane I keep thinking to myself, wow I should have taken stock in Kleenex because I can not stop crying. Do not worry sweet boy they are not sad tears, in fact the are the happiest tears that I’ve ever cried. You came into your dad and I’s life at the right time. We were ready for you, we knew you were meant to be with us but we didn’t know how much you would change the thing we called life.

As we have taught you how to crawl, sit up, eat real food, say mama, and of course dada, you have taught us so much more. I’ve learned how to relax and not take myself so seriously because even at my worst you still love me. You’ve taught me to be patient and what my priorities truly are…you!

The last 365 days have been filled with so many happy moments. I remember bringing you home after a 11 day stay at the NICU and laying you on the couch, I thought to myself…what do I do now. You were so small and you needed me for everything. Some days it was hard, mama was struggling with post pardum and you were struggling with acid reflux in the beginning BUT just like everything we both fought and figured it out together.

When you were just three weeks old you and I ventured out into the real world. It took me 5 minutes and 2 phone calls to get your car seat unlocked (were much better now ;-) ). We met your new friends and you slept the whole time. Your first trip was to Grandma and grandpa’s during Easter. You loved to be outside and you got to meet Champ the horse, there was also a large easter basket filled with New York Yankee clothes. You started Daycare and made everyone fall in love with you, no really you did…everyone. We celebrated Mothers Day – You made me my first card, it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever gotten. And during memorial weekend we all went to California. You rode like a champ. There were so many new things you experienced including sleeping in a hotel room, taking an elevator, eating in a restaurant and looking at the Pacific Ocean. June, July and August were very hot – you go to wear comfy basketball shorts everywhere. Dad went to Comic Con in July which meant FOUR days just you an I. You were so chatty, especially through the Heat playoff game – you kept saying uh-oh uh-oh. September was the month you experienced your first vacation away from mom and dad…I cried giving you to Grandma and Grandpa. You did great and eventually so did Dad and I.

Through the holidays you REALLY experienced everything. In October we went to a Halloween Party, we celebrated mine and your dad’s birthday, you ate new foods and found out mom is obsessed with the house smelling like pumpkin spice. November was filled with lots of friends and family. You spent time with your Aunt Claudia (you love her and she loves you), we went Christmas shopping, you ate some Turkey and played with Sky and Memphis. December was meant for families – we took advantage. We saw Christmas Lights, ate cookies (don’t tell dad), watched too much Hallmark channel, wrapped presents (you were quite the helper), trimmed the tree, took Christmas card pictures and Santa came.

Once the calendar turned to 2014 I knew I would never have my little baby again, but what I do have it pretty amazing. Everything you have accomplished, every mumble, game, shriek and mama that comes out of you makes me so proud. You have both of our hearts. Even though dad won’t admit it… you kind of have him (and your grandparents) around your little finger.

My heart breaks when I am not around you. You have made so many leaps and bounds in your first year. I am looking forward to the next million, because kid… Your not getting rid of me ;-)

Love you,


Without further ado – A MASSIVE photo overload.

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Surfing in the Desert

photo 4 photo 3 photo 1 photo 2

Does anyone watch Shark Tank?

Does this look familiar?

It is Surfset!

Mark Cuban invested into this concept.

It isn’t for the faint of heart.

and… I think this should be a class on the Strip

As you know me and my partner in crime Brit are taking fitness to a whole new level in 2014! We are still completely and madly in love with our fitness studio Eleve but we also like to shake things up so we purchase random Groupons here and there.

When Surfset came into my hands I was excited, I couldn’t wait.

So what did I think?

The workout was intense. The pure balance you must have on the surfboard may be enough to frustrate anyone (even I was annoyed that some of the moves made me fall off and I have excellent balance) but it left me sore the next day, which is good most workouts don’t do that.

I will go back for a couple of more classes, however I’m going to choose a different teacher. While she was sweet, she had no motivating qualities we were going through the motions but there was no energy. I also couldn’t believe they were not on the Strip as a novelty class setting like Stripper 101. The location they are in won’t be ideal in my opinion but I want them to succeed because I love anyone who wants to bring a healthier lifestyle to people.

If you are thinking of trying this class – give it a few goes as it can be a little overwhelming.

So… I’m planning a birthday

Can you believe we are already here, here being in full planning mode for Logan’s first birthday. You can never truly understand when someone tells you they grow up so fast or it’s a different kind of love until you have your own. I remember when he was just a couple of weeks old I posted this on my personal Facebook page:

It’s funny how priorities, feelings and thoughts change in the blink of an eye. No one can ever truly tell you how amazing life is when you have your first child. Everyone try’s but no explanation comes close to the pure bliss your child brings into your life. Wes and I feel so complete with Logan.

Anyone who has a little one is probably shaking their heads and maybe tearing up and those who are not at the point in their life for a little one won’t believe me (I was one of those people). But onto the party…It has been set since we named him Logan that his first birthday theme will be Wolverine, he was named after the guy after all. Now, with that said if someone would have told me there wasn’t ANYTHING pre-made for just Wolverine, I may have skipped. I am not a DIY’er yet I find myself making everything. From invitations to water bottles labels this party is being made with love.

More sneak peaks to come but for now – This is his official party invite. I made it with inspiration from comic books and this awesome free graphic from Deviant Art.

Ready for a party – I am…almost (just need to peel the glue off my hands)

25 cents is a bargain

I’ve gone broke and he can officially go to college with how many kisses I lined up for.

One of my 2014 goals was to put some work into styled mini shoots and Valentines Day seemed like a perfect one for me. Yes, it is only January but to make sure I get some Valentines made I needed a few extra calendar days. I’ve also opened it up for some cute mini sessions with my side hobby, Meghan B. Photography.

OH and because it IS a Valentines dayish post (in January ;-) )…Thought I’d get all emotional over here.

What I love about this guy…

I love his laughs – He sounds like a 90 year old smoker
I love his big blue eyes – They look like mama and melt my heart
I love his grin – Yes, that grin…I’ve been getting it since he was 3 months old
I love the way he practices yoga with me – Already a pro at downward dog
I love when he knows I need to hear him say mama
I love when he snuggles with me at night – He doesn’t do this very often so I take advantage