Father’s Day

Father's Day 2 Fathers Day Truck 1 Truck 2 Truck 3

I don’t know how mommy bloggers do it… I’m so late to the game with a Father’s Day post (and it’s only Tuesday).

We had a split Father’s Day this year. We surprised Wes’ dad and drove up to their ranch last weekend. Logan got to tour the semi! He loved the radio and pulling on the horn. Then on Father’s Day we all went out to lunch and enjoyed Logan playing.

I am so lucky to have and amazing father, father-in-law, and father to my son.

An Open Letter to My Husband

Letter to Husband

Dear Husband,

It is amazing to me that we have been together for 9 years, married for 4. The time, as they say, flew by in the blink of an eye. I am not the same woman you married, and you are not the same man I married. I remember the day I met you, it was in August of 2005, I was 19 and you were 21. You had just gotten off work, and I was visiting your roommate. You didn’t even say hello, as a matter of fact – I didn’t even like you. In October, I came down to visit your roommate once again, and somehow, someway, you and I became inseparable without even saying much. We had nothing, but everything in common at the same time.
We moved in together April of 2006; we were just babies at the time. All we knew was you picked up after yourself, and I could cook. We got along and we made it work. Then the love started to grow. It grew year after year. We experienced highs and lows, fears and excitement. We would talk about our goals, hopes, and dreams of the future. It just worked, and it was easy.

When we bought our house in 2008, and I proposed on one knee that you and I should go to Indianapolis and watch the Colts play – I knew it was a matched made in heaven. We’ve evolved into contemporary homebodies completely addicted to the NFL and NBA. Then on a random snowy day in Vegas, right before Christmas… You proposed to me. You asked me to marry you and spend forever as a Bailey, side by side, hand in hand. I said yes.

We celebrated with friends and family on June 5th. We flew straight to Mexico and basked in the glow of being man and wife. We both worked hard, worked for the life we wanted to give to our future little man once we decided to have him. We both knew it was a little man, we knew we were meant to have a Logan. So when I found out I was pregnant two days before our two year anniversary, I was elated and so excited to tell you. I remember that night as if it was yesterday, you were discussing your workouts, and I bursted out that I was pregnant. Your face said it all…you were so excited to be a dad. You ran down the hallway when I went to get the proof and said “get back here; you’re carrying my baby.” The anxiety of finding out we were having a Logan and not a little girl was enough to kill me. It was worth it though. You bought jerseys, and I bought little man clothes.

The day Logan came was surreal, I honestly can’t remember much. What I can remember is your face. That same face I saw when we met (for the second time), when we moved in together, when we found our first home, when you asked me to marry you, when we said I Do, when we found out it was a boy, and then again when you a laid eyes on him.

9 years, 3 moves, 1 new house, 1 new baby and a forever. You’re not the same person I married. You are better. You are the father of my little man, the best friend I never knew I could have and the glue that holds me steady when I feel like I’m going to break. I am not the same woman you married. I’m now your baby mama, your partner in crime, your go-to source for advice, and your wife.

Thank you for being my everything.

Thank for the best 9 years.

Thank you for Logan.

Thank you for our life. We are not lucky – We chose it, and I think we chose right.


Your Wife

That Happened… Wedding Version

Bailey Wedding 2010


With four years married and nine years together… There is one thing I’ve learned; Nothing goes as planned. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small dinner party or a big wedding, something is sure to go totally wrong or totally right.

So… Now that the bills have been paid and the dress preserved – let’s journey back to 2010 and discuss some of these “That Happened…” moments.

Bailey Wedding 2010

We all wore a shoe that has a ruffle. This was the one and only time I wore these shoes. 

Bailey Wedding 2010

These two were very excited to be flower girls….


They had to be flower girls.

Bailey Wedding 2010

Yep. That happened

MeghanWes-0359Bailey Wedding 2010

Wes dad dominated him in a game of pool. Not even on his wedding day was he allowed to win.


At 1:00 am the day of my wedding, we all had the brilliant idea to have fun walkouts for the bridal party. This was the meeting for them to go over what was going to happen.

It was a huge crowd pleaser, even if the guys didn’t know about it until 1 hour till showtime.

Bailey Wedding 2010

A memory worth keeping!

Bailey Wedding 2010

We found out my dad is hella photogenic.. Who would have known.


Speaking of photogenic… Out of 1900 photos, there isn’t one bad one of these two.

Bailey Wedding 2010

She’s been my bestie for over 10 years. This is when she lived in Hawaii and put us all to shame on the tan factor.

Bailey Wedding 2010

I hate ants all over my dress at this point.

Bailey Wedding 2010

I was re-thinking a June wedding at this point… Look how sweaty my forehead is!!


This is the picture of a mom who didn’t know we were doing Mother/Son, Father/Daughter dances.


And this guy at the bar ended up costing us $400 because he got smashed and smashed in the bathroom mirror. So, watch who people bring as their plus ones…


This is the one and only time I wore and will wear a cowboy hat….It was my Father-In-Law’s

Bailey Wedding 2010

Apparently I made someone upset, so they wanted to sit on Wes side instead of mine…

Bailey Wedding 2010

Someone played the chicken dance… and I hate that song.

It does look like I’m about to take my anger out on poor Wendy.

Bailey Wedding 2010

This little guy…he isn’t so little anymore :(

Bailey Wedding 2010

Instead of a bouquet toss, I gave my flowers to the couple who has been married the longest. 46 years…and the advice he gave Wes. Learn to say yes…frequently (Side note: Kathy lost her battle with cancer, R.I.P, you’re a beautiful soul and we lost a great one).

Bailey Wedding 2010

To get everyone on the dance floor at the same time, tell them your taking a group picture… THEN start the music. Everyone stays and dances. I wish I could tell you whats going on here but some poses are meant to be secrets till the grave.

Sporty With a Side of Pride

Gym 3 Gym 4 gym4 Gym 5 Gym 6 Logans Medal

Sports have always been a big part of mine and Wes’ life. I started gymnastics and dance when I could barely walk and Wes pretended to be John Stockton before he could even spell it.

I will be honest, I wasn’t even thinking about sporting events until Logan was at least three or four. However, the gym I coached at started a Mommy and Me class and I thought it would be fun for Logan and I. The class is for new walkers up to the age of two. It helps teach balance and stimulate them with different heights, shapes, obstacles, etc. Naturally I started Logan (well… before he could walk on his own) because the gym is my second home. Logan’s in love with this class, he gets to bounce, fall on soft mats trying to walk, grab the bar (he has a strong grip) and “run”.

Last weekend the gym put on a Spring performance, Logan was signed up before I even knew about it! We started with a little dance to a Rio Soundtrack Song, then we went around a circle of obstacles which included the balance beam on the floor, a mini tramp, cheese mat, floor bar and the big tumble trak. He smiled, ran, giggled and ate it up when people clapped for him.

In fact… When he got his medal – He soaked it in by grinning at the crowd…they cheered louder.

I guess it’s safe to say he is performer.

Oh…and fun fact. The picture with the four kids in his group. All the moms and babies to the right of him are called the Flip For Me babies. We were all pregnant within 4 months of each other (our poor gym owner ;-) )

Family Friendly with Chocolate Cake

Trying out beds, snapping photos, swooning over the modern designs that can make your life easier; all while making your way to delicious chocolate cake. Did you catch on that I was talking about Ikea?

What an amazing family friendly store. I have a love for this place, and a hate that I can’t just pick up the rooms individually and place them in my house. However, I didn’t realize how family friendly it was until I brought the little bug with me.


1. Private family rooms for changing, mom and dad to use the restroom… amazing
2. Organic baby yogurt, soft meatballs, mac and cheese and organic milk… much needed
3. High Chairs that wipe out easy AND bibs… all free – Hallelujah
4. Non-Judgemental employees who are okay with little ones exploring the kids area… They had a gymnastics mat, cool

Since Ikea refuses to come to Las Vegas, we make a trip to them during our vacations. You don’t realize how many things you need! We left with some adorable gray-blue stone wear, a new nightstand, bamboo placemats and a shoe holder for the front door. We also scoped out the larger items we needed (shades, textures, art, etc.) for our July trip with the family.

Can’t wait to see you again Ikea. Thank you for allowing us to have some fun.

Playing in Ikea Playing in Ikea Playing in Ikea

Re-Living those Four Letters

Skylar Film 1 Skylar Filming 2


A lot of you are aware of the emotional struggle Wes and I had when Logan was admitted into the NICU. The 14 days that he was in the hospital and we were not able to take him home or make him feel better was devastating. Since then, we have had a few ignorant comments “Aren’t you glad you got to sleep while he was in the NICU” or “At least you didn’t have to deal with the first really hard days” and to those people…what you said was terrible. Wes and I set an alarm every three hours; we would call the NICU nurses and ask them how he ate, how is glucose test was, and then we would be up and in his room right at 8: 00am…everyday. We ate at the cafeteria; we cried in the car when we had to come home…it was something that was the worst.

We had a lot of silent support. Friends and family allowed us to be, but we knew if we needed them it would only take one text or one phone call and they would be there. One of the families I am referring to was the first to see Logan, pre NICU, they were a part of our engagement, wedding, ups and downs. They are truly a special family to us. Their fifteen year old is currently a student in a media program and approached us to talk about Logan’s stay at the NICU. It was an emotional day, re-living all of the memories and feelings that came along with them. In the end, I am so glad she asked…I know how this sweet film and lots of great footage of us as a family. I wanted to share this because it’s a victory for the Baileys!

A little media spice, but for the most part…this is Logan’s story.

So what can you do if you or a friends little one is in the NICU?

For Parents:

1. Become familiar with the NICU prior to having your child. It may not be anything you will ever need education on but… We did not know there were certain times NO one could be in the unit because of shift changes and physician/nurse conferencing on each child. When your child needs an IV, it can go in the head, foot, arm, leg, etc. you never know because they are so little. Do some research (just like you would in case of a c-section) and learn about the NICU. I thought when Logan went into the NICU he was going to die… The NICU is far from a death sentence, but that is what happens when you are not educated.

2. Unless you were smoking, drinking, or doing drugs chances your baby being in the NICU was not your fault. Realize this and then you can start to help your baby by being the strong mom you know you are.

3. You are your baby’s advocate. Do not be afraid to research their condition, what to expect and ask lots and lots of questions. If something does not feel right, make it known.

4. Interact with your baby. Yes, the wires make things difficult, or maybe you can’t hold them all the time. You CAN, however, talk to them, show them pictures, read them books, put on light music, or anything you want really. When Logan was laying the bed, I would make a little show with his stuffed elephant; we would watch Heat basketball and PTI every day.

5. Ask. So many people want to help you, they feel helpless and are ready to do anything you need. I remember Wes, and I asking for a friend to meet us at a restaurant next to the hospital. It was a random friend, but it turns out this friend had a daughter who was in the NICU, and he was able to support us while we broke down emotionally.

For Friends and Family:

I would first advise…do not say something as ignorant as the example above.

1. Show you care. These days it is acceptable to write on someone’s Facebook wall and then your friend duty is over. Guess what, I have news for you; it is not. Parents who have a child in the NICU are emotionally overwhelmed. Their main focus is not the same as yours. They are 100 percent consumed with every moment in the NICU. Show you care by leaving a care package at the door with a gift card for a meal, quarters for the vending machine, a box of protein bars and a journal or anything that can help. Text them often, even if you do not hear back. I remember a gymnast of mine and her mom dropped off a “god bless baby” doll and a card that said they were thinking about us at the nurses station. Brought me to tears and to this day they will never know how much I appreciated them taking time out of their day to come and see me.

2. Journal what they tell you… When you text them to see how the baby is, how they are… Write down the date, what they said, and if there is a picture then save that with the book.

3. Do not share stories. The worst thing you can do is “find” stories and then say “I heard this on…” If you do not have a personal one, then just listen.

Teacher Appreciation & Daycare Tips

Teacher 2 Teachers Teacher 3

It’s teacher appreciation week!
We love Logan’s school; his teachers have been a huge part of our lives, since he was just seven weeks old.
One of the hardest parts about being a working mom is giving your child to someone else to love for nine hours out of the day. This leaves you vulnerable, every day. It’s so important to find a daycare teacher that is almost an extension of yourself. We took twelve daycare tours and made lots of pro’s and con’s lists before finally deciding where we were going to send Logan. We got lucky; we made such a great choice. I have had a few emails asking me to share how I choose my daycare…so what better time than now to tell you!

My tips for new parents trying to find a daycare center.

1. Try to tour their facility during the hours of 9-11 or 2-4. This is right after the kids eat or nap, so you will see what it looks like when they are up and playing.
2. Ask to tour all the rooms, not just where your little one will be. –  This gives you an idea of the transitions.
3. Look up, Look Down – If your touring, do not be afraid to be a little snoopy. Look to see if things are out of reach of children, is there anything they can pull down on themselves…Is the floor clean for crawlers….Are toys, books, etc. stored in the correct way.
4. Once you narrow your list… Do a “pop” in tour.-  If you do not tell them your coming, then you get to see the center as it is.
5. Talk to ALL the teachers. – Ask them questions about themselves (in a non creepy way of course). You need to get to know who is watching your child, not just who is giving you a tour.
6. Don’t trust Google/Yelp as much as you want to. – Remember, reviews these days are mostly the angry people trying to be heard. Ask your friends, find a mom group and ask them, ask people as you see them in the center. Ask how long the teachers have been in each room.
7. Trust your gut – This is the most important.
During the twelve daycare tours that Wes and I took we walked out of a few without even looking at the rooms, one looked great until they poured puffs in the sink and then reach in and grabbed a couple to give to a kid (EW), one was awesome, but it was not for us…. Then when we toured Children’s Learning Adventure – we knew almost instantly.

Stephanie is an extension of me… firm, loving, playful

Nina is an extension of his grandma…. loving, loving, loving

The staff all loves him, they bring him to the front everyday to change his scenery

I appreciate teachers so much; they are an extension of me, and I know Logan is getting the love he deserves.

Teacher 4

My little Nemo

Watch out Michael Phelps, Logan’s in town. My little Nemo started swim classes about two months ago. The center is heated, the teacher whom we started with was fantastic, and he loved being in the water.

Each class started with a couple of songs, then they brought out this large flotation device. Logan was in love; he got to splash his hands while they sang “ring around the rosy, pockets full of posies…splashes, splashes…we all make splashes”.

Once song time ended, they started with what I like to call “dive and dunk”. I have to admit, the first time the instructor did this with Lo, I almost had a heart attack. However, like the champ he is…every time after he placed his hands in the right spots and closed his eyes

When the heart attack inducing “dive and dunk” is over, the kids learn to kick their legs with a series of fun drills. Logan loved chasing the ball.


Although we are no longer at this center (new teacher, bad staff), we are looking for a new place for him to go. Baby Swim lessons were such a fun time; I cannot wait for him to get back into it. Next up… Gymnastics! The kid needs a place to climb, hang, and jump for awhile.


The Easter Wrap Up


First, I am going to pat myself on the back for actually writing about a holiday within a reasonable amount of time.

This is the first time in the nine years since I moved to Las Vegas that my family came down for a holiday…I have a feeling it’s because of Logan. Either way, I was excited to see my niece and nephew. I assured them that I spoke with the Easter Bunny and he was aware they would be at my house this year. This was serious business in their eyes.

I am HUGE on holidays, so add in two and a half little munchkins and you can bet there were way too many eggs and lots of fake grass flying around.

Each kids basket had goldfish crackers, fruit roll ups, juice boxes, books and a small toy. I left the candy for the plastic eggs, which I hid over 100 for two and a half little people. There baskets also had five pieces of clothing. For my niece and nephew, I used coupons from JCPenny…the total for all their clothes came out to under $4 a piece! <– I’m so proud

Their eyes lit up like fireworks on the Fourth of July – I mean, these kids were in heaven. They ran around like chickens with their heads cut off while Logan just shook the eggs because they made jingle noises, he wasn’t interested in this thing called Easter.

Also – If you follow me on Instagram (megbailey6510) you saw Logan’s Easter “Then and Now”… My, he grew :(

How was your Easter?

Easter Easter 4 Easter 3 Easter 2 Easter 7

Family Ties


I am from a big family, there are seven of us including my parents. I have three brothers and a little sister. Sadly, I never talk to the two oldest and I rarely speak with my other brother and younger sister.

Growing up, all of my friends had BBQ’s, family vacations, and big get together on holidays. I dreamed of what it would be like to have a large family that actually interacted together.

I am unsure if it is because we all have nothing but blood in common, if none of us are patient enough to accept each other, or if we really were never meant for the “loving” family type. Whatever the case may be – my dream of big family gatherings are not a reality.

On my side of the family I have four nieces and three nephews. I only see one niece and one nephew every once and awhile. I’ve never met one of my nephews and I’ve met my other nieces, one only once, when she was three. I have finally came to the conclusion that I am ok with who I do have in my life even though I miss the others.

As much as I would love to have big family gatherings, I am just as happy with my family of three and the occasional extra couple. I would love to take big family vacations, but I love the small intimate ones more. Live with what you have and love it to the fullest.

p.s. the pic above is the first time Logan met his two cousins. My hope, he gets to meet them all. The reality – doubtful.

Tell me about your family. Do you have a small family, large family? What is your story?