Why Logan is in Gymnastics

Why Gymnastics is good for preschoolers Why Gymnastics is good for preschoolers


Chalky Air. Squishy Mat. Springy Floors.

What do all of those have in common? My childhood. I grew up in the gym; I called it home even when I didn’t have a home. I would clean the mats, take out garbage, coach preschool classes just to be able to afford to be in classes. I honestly believe I wouldn’t be who I am today without the sport of gymnastics. Last October I made the hardest decision in my life, I gave up coaching. I’ve been in the gym since I was 8 and started coaching when I was 16 full time. I’ve spent 20 years in a chalky air, squishy mat, and springy floor atmosphere. Gymnastics is deep in my soul, something I can’t seem to let go. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. So even though I had a son, I knew I needed to start him in a Gymnastics class when he was able to walk. I’ve had quite a few emails from moms with sons asking me why I chose to put Logan in Gymnastics since it’s mostly a female sport.

Here is why.

Balance & Strength – The obstacle courses that they put together make babies use their cute little muscle. They have to climb stairs, walk on squishy mat, hold on to the bar, jump, etc. They start to develop a strong sense of balance and strength.

Patience – We can all agree that babies and toddlers do not have any patience. However, Logan has to have the patience to stand there and wait his turn.

Determination – We go over the same trick on average five times before the class ends and each time he is determined to do it by himself. This also translates into his learning activities at home. He used to not be interested at all but now he keeps trying.

Bravery – Of course, I help him with all of the tricks but he has to be the one brave enough to roll, climb, jump, etc.

Responsibility – Logan has two jobs during class. First he has to get him mat for stretching and put it away and second he has to help his coach pick up the bouncy balls when she brings them out. This is his job, and he takes it very serious, even at an age where he isn’t talking.

Passion – While he may not be Olympic bound he loves going to gymnastics class. Gymnastics is teaching him passion. It’s teaching him that no matter how hard something is, eventually, you will learn it and be amazing.

So now I challenge you to find a gym, enroll your toddler/child and try two months worth of gymnastics. You will see such a change, and whether or not they want to continue is up to them but the skills they will gain outside of the “cool” stuff is far more important in my eyes.

Why Gymnastics is good for preschoolers

oh… and remember the strength I was talking about… Here you go:

Chicago Lodging

Chicago Outside 3 Chicago Outside 2

Nothing stresses me out more than booking a hotel to a city that you’ve never been to. It’s like a blind date, except if it sucks you are out $$$. I usually spend on average 4-5 hours researching the area, reading reviews, asking Facebook, etc. I never 100% feel okay with my choice until I lay on the bed. When it came to Chicago, there were so many different options it became overwhelming. I was told to stay in the Loop, but theater isn’t my thing, so I researched the hot shopping area, the Magnificent Mile or Mag Mile for short. There were a lot of options, and all of them were fairly close to each other, but they were all over $300 a night (ouch). What is a girl to do… Hit up Hotwire. I decided to choose a 4+ star hotel with 95% satisfaction rate and ended up with The Palomar for $205 a night.

The hotel is right next to the red line, so coming off the subway from the airport and getting to the hotel was fairly easy. The check-in process was easy, and we got upgraded to a higher floor because I asked for a pet free floor. It’s very common in Chicago to book a hotel that accepts pets. I’m not a fan of sleeping in a bed where animals may have been so make sure you request a pet free floor (not room, floor) if you are the same.

We only ordered breakfast once before we left (room service) and it was $56 (again, ouch). The food was good but not worth the price. The service was top notch from the bellman to the maid service. Our view was spectacular and overlooked a good part of the city. We used the workout facility (and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see my hula hooping) and the pool, both were clean and up kept well. Last but not least… it was CLEAN, like squeaky clean.

Overall if you can book this hotel, please do, it was worth it.

If you’re going to the train station from here, the cab ride cost was $8.00 (without tip)
If you’re going to Midway Airport (to or from) on the Subway its only $3.00 per person
If your going to Midway Airport (to or from) the cab fare was estimated $60.00 depending on traffic

The Windy City

Chicago 2 Chicago 3



That is where I have been.

The trip was amazing. I was able to spend much-needed selfish time with Wes, eat whatever I wanted, and embrace a city¬†where Gotham’s inspiration came from. What can be better than batman? I have so many reviews, tips, and overall thoughts on the city. Look for them in the upcoming days. For now, I’m trying to catch up on work, answer e-mails, sort through photos, and give millions of kisses to my little man (5 days was hard, I missed him).

Labor Day – A touch late

Labor Day 2 Labor Day 4 Labor Day 5 copy Labor Day 9

What is more fun than spending Labor Day with friends and family? Nothing! That is the answer, because it is true. Surrounding yourself with friends and family who support you is a win-win situation. Labor Day was spent with friends who have 100% bounced into our family category.

Growing up, I dreamed….dreamed about having these kinds of get-togethers with family and friends. You know the ones you saw in the movies. I wasn’t so lucky, in fact, I got the short end of the stick until I moved and started my luck.

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on family and what it means to me. I have a lot of “family” but if you asked me one question about them, I wouldn’t know what to tell you. I have exhausted my emotions trying to be a part of the “family” that was given to me to the point that I give up.
So… I’m starting to grow my new family. Family isn’t blood. It’s respect, investment, and love.









Labor Day got a little crazy for him…

Labor Day 3

The Leap from Summer to Fall

Yesterday was the NFL kickoff (insert girly squeal), and I lighted the first Pumpkin Spice candle of the season, and to top it all off we had a rainstorm. We’ve arrived! The leaves are about to change colors, and I am already planning out the holiday season.

As I usually do this time of year, I start to clean out my closet and put away the Spring and Summer clothes and accessories. But this year, there was one piece I didn’t want to put it the Summer box. A sweet friend of mine handmade me a rope bracelet, it’s the first time anyone has made me something special and sent it my way…just because. So while I stared at it, I thought, I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to retire a “summer” piece.

Now, how do I turn it into a fall piece?

My solution… Layer it!

I started digging through all of my fall pieces and it clicked… Pair it with some gold.

How about you? Do you have pieces you transition? How do YOU do it?


Passion – Pass it On


What happens to grown ups?
Where does our passion run off to the older we get?
Do you remember what you were passionate about when you allowed passion in?

It seems that adult days are filled with survival instincts. We all need to get our kids to school, excel at our job, pick up the kids, cook dinner and then try to take one second to realize another day of your life has passed. You wake up and repeat without any passion.

What can be done?

You have to continue down your path because that is what pays the bills and secures your family’s sanity (for the most part). Where is the passion? Can it be as simple as it was before we had to become responsible? Can we just pick up a basketball and let it all go, can we read a book while the sun rays warm your face?


It depends on if you let passion in.

My passions consist of gymnastics, blogging (here we are), my son (there he is, up there), jumping on trampolines, photography, baking, painting (walls not actual portraits… this one I may be alone in) and walking.

I do not make enough time just to soak into my passions. I am just as guilty as the next person. I get stressed out that I haven’t checked my work email in an hour, and I’m constantly thinking that I am going to miss something important. But, what I am missing is passion and being so dedicated to what I am doing at that moment that nothing else matters. Just like my son, when he see’s a basketball… it’s him and the “BaBall.” The passion he has when he plays is envious and I want to be more like him.

So I am challenging you – find your passion and Instagram it to me (megbailey6510) with the hashtag #violetsage

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football 2 Fantasy Football

Are you ready for some fooootttbballll. This is my favorite time of the year. Football starts, Halloween kicks off the holiday season and that can only mean one thing in my world, Fantasy Football.

Every year people try to get in and every year we turn them away. Not because we are rude, but because the same group has played together for the last six years, give or take one or two people.

The best advice I can give a girl who doesn’t know a lot about football but wants to… Start a fantasy team and do a couple of parlay bets each week.

The number one draft pick in our league was Lesean McCoy followed by Peyton Manning. It may not be conventional but it sure makes the season even better.

My Team this year:

QB – Colin Kapernick
RB – Giovanni Bernard
Shane Vereen
WR – Calvin Johnson
Victor Cruz
Flex – T.Y. Hilton
TE – Greg Olsen
DP – JJ Watt
D – Giants
Coach – Patriots
Kicker – Mason Crosby

To all of my fellow fantasy players – Good luck this season.