Lazy Girl Fitness – Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

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Who here likes to sing to their kid, or just sing to sing (whether you can carry a tune or not…I am in the not category, poor kid). Well as my munchkin was laying on his play mat I decided to get some ab work in.

Step One – Balance on your bum and lower your core half way between sitting up and the ground. Keep your feet planted unless your ready to try to just balance on your bum.

Step Two – Sing Row, Row, Row your boat… while you “row” your boat from side to side twisting. You can also use a weight (not the baby…to dangerous) for more of a challenge.

*Disclaimer – Please make sure that safety is first. I am not a licensed trainer, these are workouts that work for me and my busy lifestyle. Consult a doctor before starting any new workout program and be safe.*

8 thoughts on “Lazy Girl Fitness – Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

  1. These MILF workouts are so cute b/c we can see you with your baby 🙂 It’s more fun than just a picture of holding a baby!

  2. Glad I found this blog! Too bad I hadn’t found it before I found my first, but I’m 13 weeks along with the second and I LOVE that these workouts are easy enough for me to still do! ❤

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