#ChooseVegas – Rolled Ice Cream


Can’t believe that this place has been in my city and I had absolutely no idea. Remember me telling you about learning to re-love my city, the city that sees’s millions and millions of people every year? This was one of my first steps, in fact, I’ve made a resolution for the New Year to try new restaurants during date nights, or sporadic outings.

Logan and I (he is a true ice cream connoisseur) ventured out to a new ice cream parlor called Rolled Ice Cream. The reviews were high, and the Instagram was drool worthy. I had no idea what I was getting into, though (spoiler, I ate the whole thing).

The parlor was clean as a whistle, and the staff super friendly. My favorite part of the process was how simple and minimalistic it felt. You chose a base, toppings, and said yay or nay to whip cream, that was it.

Rolled Ice Cream

We chose the chocolate base, mine with a rocky road taste and Logan’s had M&M’s. The gentleman poured a liquid base onto a cold table and started to chop up the pieces as it started to melt. After he had chopped it, he gave it an amazing massage, then laid it flat on the cold plate. Once he started the rolling process it was like he had me at hello. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen; it was legitimately rolls of ice cream.

We must have arrived right at the right time because there was only one person in front of us, but then there was fifteen people that came while our ice cream was being rolled.

Now, to the best part, eating it. Have you ever watched a blogger smell a candle and say “I wish you could smell this, it’s amazing?” That is how I feel about this ice cream. I can’t describe the light texture with just enough sweetness to not be overwhelmed, but enough you eat the whole thing (even me, the girl who doesn’t like ice cream that much). When we finished I noticed they had lays potato chips, and the teenager in me totally wants lays ice cream. We will be taking friends there to make memories that is for sure.

The price point was awesome for what we received ($5). The place was clean. The staff was friendly. I yelped it at 5-stars (I’m addicted to Yelp). If you are in Las Vegas come on over to the locals side and try this place. It’s Instagram worthy, budget friendly, and tastes amazing.

Rolled Ice Cream Rolled Ice Cream


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