#ChooseVegas – SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

SeaQuest Las Vegas

I promised I would continue to experience my city, and I am so glad I did. Let me introduce you to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. It’s not in the best part of town, but during the day it’s a place I recommend you visiting if you want a hands-on experience with sea life. Located in the Boulevard Mall, five minutes east of the Las Vegas Strip, SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium had both my little man jumping for joy and me. Especially when we found Dory; Dory guys, Dory!

They have different areas that allow for you to see, touch, and experience animals like you’ve never done before. They have a bird habitat that you can go inside and side on the benches and feed or let them hang out on your finger. Logan wasn’t having the idea of being in a room with thirty birds, so we skipped it, but it looks fun. The line was extremely long to get in, but it cycled through quickly. I didn’t even bother walking anywhere near the snake habitat (but they do have one). I have a debilitating fear of snakes; just the site triggers an anxiety attack. I should see someone about that.

Funny I don’t like snakes because I love lizards, strange I know, but they have feet. Logan had the opportunity to see a Gecko up close and he said “I want to hold it mom.” I was just as shocked as anyone, if you know my kid you know he is the sweetest kid but extremely petrified of any animal that moves. However, like a champ he let it sit on his lap while he stroked its scales. The Leopard Gecko was a speedy little guy but didn’t move when he was on Logan’s lap. Maybe he sensed he needed to be chill.

SeaQuest Las Vegas

We also visited the touch pools. Inside the touch pools, there were starfish you could pick up (don’t take them out of the water please), sea urchins you could pet the top of and other animals I didn’t have time to ask what they were.

While inside you can also see large cockatoo’s, sharks, stingrays, horrible sea snakes (never going into a body of water without chlorine), and sea horses. It was worth the cost of admission for us. Logan enjoyed his time there, and surprisingly I did too.

Head down if you get the chance, and let me know if you like it!!

SeaQuest Las Vegas


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