Lazy Girl Fitness – Reading a Book

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This week’s Lazy Girl Fitness Routine is all about how to get fit while reading a book or magazine. The exercises we are covering will work your thighs, quads and your butt.

1. Leg Raises – Sit with your back up against a wall, bend one knee into your chest. With the other leg lift it up and down 20 times on each leg.

2- Side Lifts – Lay on your side, and start to lift your leg, start with 10 low lifts, 10 middle lifts and then 10 high lifts. Don’t forget to switch sides!

3- Butt Lifts! Lay your magazine or book flat and lift your leg up. Do 15 with a bent leg and 15 with a straight leg, then switch. Make sure your lifting only to horizontal and your squeezing your tush as well!